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About Mr. Taylor

Hello Parents and Students:

          My name is Kevin Taylor.  I received a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, my teaching credential, and a Masters degree in Education all from UC Davis.  While at Davis, along with my focus in Chemistry, I took a strong interest in Geology and Geochemistry.  

          Along with my passion for teaching, I have been proudly coaching swimming for many years.  I have been a coach for the Walnut Creek Aquabears since 2009, where I've had the pleasure of coaching many high school and college-age swimmers, including some of my students.  I was the head swim coach for the Pleasant Hill “Dolfins” swim team for 3 years.  I also have coached for the Northgate High School Swimming team.  Throughout high school and college I played water polo and was on the swimming team. 

          For me, everything comes back to science.  Science is all around us and is part of our everyday lives.  I want my students to learn and understand the wonder and complexity of what they experience every day.  I strongly believe that learning is an active process. It is my goal to have my students involved directly in the lessons.  In my class, student will see, hear, and physically do the activities.  This will hit on the three primary ways in which students learn.  

          As exciting as Chemistry is, it must always be done in a safe manner.  Chemistry has many inherent hazards, and as such, lab and classroom safety rules must be followed at all times.  Chemistry can be one of the most exciting science classes you/your child will take; my goal is to provide that experience in a safe environment. 

          I want to help every one of my student succeed in school, so if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to teaching you/your students this year!