Welcome to Honors Chemistry 2017.  I am look forward to an outstanding year.  Please see the useful information below as well as the assignments page for links.  Be sure to check out the student resources page for helpful links.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

-Mr. Taylor

Honors Chemistry

Grading Policy:

1.The standard percentage scale is used for this class.  No rounding.

2.When appropriate you may use a calculator, and/or handouts from class. All materials must be your own, and cannot be shared during the assignment.

3.Grades are organized by the following weighted scale:

Homework/Classwork - 10%

Labs & Projects - 25%

Quizzes - 30%

Exams (Midterm and Final) - 35%

4.All assignments must be turned in on time for full credit.  Work that was due during an excused absence is due on the day you return to school unless other arrangements have been made prior to the absence.  Late assignments will lose 25% credit for being late.  After five (5) days the assignment will receive a score of zero. 

5.There will be a quiz every Thursday; the quiz may be moved based on scheduling requirements.  Students are responsible to make up any quizzes they miss at lunch on the day they return to school.  No exceptions.  Quizzes not made up the day they return will become a zero.  Students may drop one quiz of their choice at the end of the semester.  Pop quizzes may also be given.

6.Grade slips may be sent throughout the year and will require a parent signature.  

To access the web site for our textbook please go to 


and use the following information:
Username:  youngl@mdusd.k12.ca.us
password: 212121ly 


 Zumdahl & Zumdahl. (2007). Chemistry 7th edition. New York, New York: Houghton Mifflin Company 

Buckey Balls by popular science  -www.popsci.com

Course Description:

Honors Chemistry will be taught as a first year college introduction to a chemistry course.  Chemistry is a study of our world, looking at the atom and how it relates to other topics, taught using the California State Standards for Chemistry.  This course will cover a wide range of topics.  For this course the GPA is A=5, B=4, C=3.  As this is an accelerated course, I expect the students to put in the extra work and effort for the accelerated GPA.


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